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Ensembles - (Prices are subject to change without notice)

Sealy PosturepedicSleepmakerAdriatic Slumber Bedding

Ensemble sizes may vary between manufacturers. We also make special size ensembles.

We stock a large range of ensembles in all sizes from Sealy, Sleepmaker and Adriatic Slumber Bedding. Our prices are very competitive so please contact us now for the best price!

Single Sealy Posture Ensemble

Sealy Premium Ensemble


Designed specifically for children, Sealy Singles beds combine the comfort that kids require with the support that their developing backs need.

Sizes: Single $599, King Single $699.

Twin sleeper trundle bed

Twin Sleeper Ensemble


A single bed complete with trundle for sleep-overs.

Sizes: Single $1299, King Single $1399.

Sleepmaker Duracoil Ensemble

Sleepmaker Duracoil Ensemble


Medium Comfort.

Sizes: Double $659, Queen $759.

Sealy Premium Ensemble

Sealy Premium Ensemble


Fabulous gentle comfort, supportive innerspring, and a sturdy foundation that will add years to the life of the ensemble.

Sizes: Double $869, Queen $899, King Size $1349.

Sleepmaker Ensemble

Sleepmaker Ensemble


Budget Pillow Top

Gentle pillow top comfort.

Sizes: Double $899, Queen $999.

Sealy Pillow Top Ensemble

Sealy Premium Ensemble


With Wool and ComfortCore

Balances the supportive feel of wool combined with Sealy's ComfortCore for extra support.

Sizes: Double $1699, Queen $1799.

Sealy Ensemble

Sealy Posturepedic Ensemble


Deluxe Pillow Top

Superior comfort and quality.

Sizes: Queen $2699, King Size $3199.

Chiropractic with Latex and Wool Pillow Top

Adriatic Back Rest Supreme Chiropractic Ensemble With Latex And Wool Pillow Top


Simply the best in orthopedic support and lasting comfort.

Sizes: Double $2499, Queen $2599, King Size $2999.

Pillow Top Latex

Pillow Top Pocket Coil With Wool And Latex Ensemble


Luxury comfort - the latest in bedding. An alternative for those that do not want partner movement.

Sizes: Double $3899, Queen $3999, King Size $4999.